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IC0913 Electric Massager

The new iComfort® ic0913 Foot Massager offers four types of massage systems. Rolling, kneading, compression and vibration. We even added two air compression calf massagers. The 2 rollers effectively massage under your feet. The kneading plates under your feet simulate expert massage hands. The heat feature is handy for people who often have cold feet. The iComfort® ic0913 foot massage wrap around your feet to provide a soothing foot massage experience like being massaged by human hands in the comfort of your home.There are two speed adjustments for the underfoot rolling massage action.

Product details
  • There are two air compression massagers for the calves
  • Two kneading plates provide a forward/backward kneading massage action motion under your feet
  • The foot lining is easily removable for cleaning
  • Heat Therapy

MSRP: $329.95

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